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Here is a snapshot of some of our activities over the years.   

We always had a focus on arts, crafts, creativity, movement and the great outdoors!  

Children are natural innovators and we facilitate our youngest in expressing themselves creatively through songs, art, movement, music and dance. 

We have our own purpose built private playground especially designed for ages 1-3 years. 

Our Forest Kindergarten offers children the ability to play, explore and discover in a group setting. Children learn to focus on projects and to enjoy working in a team.  From ages 33 months every child has the option to take part in our forest programme which includes playing, discovering, cooking and enjoying their lunch and snacks in the open for a large part of the day in most weathers.     

Daily, we encourage self direction skills and focus by allowing children times outside of our activities to focus on their own play - exploring, solving problems and discovering things for themselves.  Empowering the child and instilling self confidence in the child`s own learning ability.